• Download the Mobile App from Google PlayStore
  • Apply online at YippiePAY Web Portal

You can upgrade the wallet on our YippiePAY App or online web portal.

Just complete the KYC process and snap a photo of your MyKad (for Malaysians) or Passport (for foreigners).

An E-wallet is an online account used to store digital money. This account is linked to Virtual Prepaid Card(s) and/or Physical Prepaid Card(s).

For every payment, you can choose either to use your Visa Prepaid Card or Mastercard Prepaid Card.

Whichever Card you use, you will draw from your E-wallet account.

A Virtual Prepaid Card (No Physical Card) and Physical Prepaid Card have similar functions.

You can use a Virtual Prepaid Card for:

  • Online purchase using your Card Number, expiry date and 3-digit security code
  • QR Code at merchants that accepts Card Scheme QR payment

You can use a Physical Prepaid Card for:

  • Card present transactions (i.e. POS terminal)
  • ATM cash withdrawals

You can only spend the funds loaded into your account.

It works just like your prepaid mobile account. That is, you must top up mobile credits before you can use any mobile data.

  • Login Password

    • This is the alphanumeric password you use to log into the mobile App or online portal
  • Yippie PIN / Mobile PIN
    • This 6-digit PIN is set when you download our YippiePAY App or apply to our Ewallet on our YippiePAY online portal.
    • This Pin is required to authorize the transaction via YippiePAY App or Online Portal
  • Card PIN / ATM PIN
    • This 6-digit PIN is set when you apply for a Physical Prepaid Card
    • When pay using a Physical Prepaid Card, you must enter the PIN number specific to that Card at the POS or payment device

You can apply through our YippiePAY App or online portal.

So sorry, we do not provide supplementary cards for these Prepaid Cards.

Our Prepaid Card is issued with Visa / Mastercard branding. This means you can:

  • Make purchase at over 90 million Visa / Mastercard accepting merchants worldwide
  • Withdraw cash from any ATMs (automated teller machine) that displays Visa / Mastercard logo
  • Make contactless payment with Visa payWave or Mastercard Tap & Go (formerly PayPass) for transactions up to RM250
  • Use Insert Card and Enter Pin method for payment above RM250 and also below this amount.
  • Enjoy Visa / Mastercard privileges and discounts
    • https://www.visa.com.my/en_my/VISA-offers-and-perks/
    • https://specials.priceless.com/en-my/homePage
  • We keep your funds in your E-wallet account with us

  • This E-wallet account is linked to a Trust Account with a licensed bank

Here are our requirements for our YippiePAY E-wallet:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Valid email address
  • Valid residential and mailing address in Malaysia (P.O. Box not accepted expect Sabah)
  • Valid copy of a government issued identification document (NRIC, Passport, etc)
  • Valid Malaysian or overseas mobile number to obtain the One-Time-Password (OTP) via Short Messaging Services (SMS).
  • No income document required

So sorry, we may have to reject your application.

There is no limit to the number of Prepaid Cards you can have.

  • There are 2 types of E-wallet Accounts issued by us:

    1. BASIC E-wallet Account

    2. STANDARD E-wallet Account

  • BASIC E-wallet Account

    1. When you first sign up for our E-wallet Account by providing the requirement information and is not blacklisted by any regulatory authority.

    2. You can use the wallet for your retail payment in Malaysia.

  • STANDARD E-wallet Account

    1. You can upgrade to STANDARD E-Wallet Account by providing the required ID document and pass the KYC approval process.

Such approval is at our sole and absolute discretion and we may reject your request without assigning any reason.

With STANDARD Wallet, you can enjoy the wallet limit up to RM10,000 and the services we extended to you via our app and the Web Portal.


The maximum allowable fund limit is depending on the Wallet type.

Your Physical Prepaid Card will be delivered to your registered Malaysian Mailing address within 14 business days from the day of approval.

First, set up your 6-Digits CARD PIN on the YippiePAY App or the YippiePAY Online Portal.

Second, reload your Prepaid Cards using our YippiePAY App or Online Portal.

Third, before your first transaction for Physical Prepaid Card, we do recommend you to sign at the back panel of your Card.

Yes, it is printed on your Card.

Just maintain a certain balance in your Card.

If your E-wallet have zero balance for 3 consecutive months, your E-wallet will be automatically terminated.

  • A mobile number will enable you to obtain your One-Time-Password (OTP) via Short Messaging Service (SMS).

  • We are accepting overseas mobile number as well for sign up. Just select the country from the drop-down list
  • A mailing address will enable us to mail all of our correspondences to your last-known Malaysia mailing address.
  • Yes, so we can correspond with you in a timely manner.

  • Just change in your YippiePAY App.
  • You can also:
    • Call us
    • Write or Email to us
    • Download and complete the Service Request Form from our website and email / fax it back to us

You may manage your card usage from YippiePAY app or Online Portal.

  • Check in your YippiePAY App or online portal

  • Call us during business hours and our support team will help you
  • Call us after business hours and our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will guide you

Check your transaction history on your YippiePAY App or online portal for up to past 6 months.

  • Yes, just call us to request a hardcopy statement from us for up to 7 years. We will deduct the statement fees from your E-wallet.

  • However, we are unable to provide you a hardcopy of your current month’s statement before the statement date.

Like a mobile Prepaid Card, you must first load funds before you can use your Prepaid Cards.

  • This depends on your Plan, whether it is BASIC or STANDARD

  • You can reload to a maximum of RM10,000 for a STANDARD plan

Subject to a total Wallet Account limit of *RM10,000.00, you can reload at the following channels:

Note: ^For FPX: You must have a bank account and its online access facility with any one of the banks listed at this link: https://paynet.my/fpx/banks-tpa.html.

#For CIMB Clicks and ATMs: you must have a bank account at CIMB and/or with their online banking access.

  • Reload fees is RM1 per successful transaction

  • Log in to www.cimbclicks.com.my
  • Select Pay & Transfer
  • Select Pay Bills
  • Select FINEXUS / MAA CARDS – CARD Reload
  • Key in your details as per screen
  • Click Proceed to Payment
  • Key in TAC or Transaction Authorization Code
  • Print out acknowledgement page with details of complete transaction
  • Key in 022 for FINEXUS / MAA CARDS
  • Reload fee is RM1 per successful transaction

  • Reload with CIMB’s ATM Card
    • Insert ATM Card into machine
    • Select your Language
    • Select Type of Transaction
    • Select Bill Payment
    • Select Open Bill Payment
    • Please key in 022 for Finexus / MAA Cards
    • Enter 16-digit Finexus Card number and mobile number
    • Follow instructions and confirm your reload
    • Register Finexus Visa Prepaid Card under Preferred Bills
    • Select Preferred Bills next time as your Card is saved in system
  • Reload without CIMB’s ATM Card
    • DO NOT insert your Card into machine
    • Press any key on the CDM or touch the screen to commence
    • Select your language
    • Select BILL PAYMENT option
    • Enter 022 code for MAA Cards / Finexus Cards (FINEXUS Cards formally known as MAA Cards)
    • Enter your  16-digit Finexus Card number
    • Enter your Mobile Number (twice)
    • Confirm your details on the screen
    • Insert your cash into slot
    • Confirm deposited number of notes and value
    • Keep confirmation slip for records

You will be charged RM2 for every successful transaction.

  • Go to any selected e-pay outlets.
  • These outlets are usually found at major convenience stores, retail outlets, pharmacies, petrol stations, electronic chain stores and independent retailers
  • Present your Prepaid Card and state your reload amount
  • The retailer will verify your Card by swiping it on the ePay terminal and load the requested amount
  • For a complete list of ePay merchants who can reload your Card, visit http://www.epay.com.my/locator.

If the ATM did not dispense any money but the amount was deducted from your Wallet Account, please contact our Call Centre at +603 8318 3100.

It would be helpful if you could include a picture of the Receipt in your submission for report/request to our Call Centre for further action.

Please keep the original receipt(s) as this will help us with our investigation.

Some of the common reasons for a cash withdrawal to be declined are:

  • Insufficient funds in your Wallet Account;
  • Incorrect PIN used;
  • You have temporarily blocked your Finexus Card(s);
  • Your Finexus Card status is inactive;
  • The ATM you used does not support Finexus Card; or
  • You have exceeded your transaction limit for the day or month.

Yes, do indicate on whether you agree to:

  • Transact overseas
  • Transact for Card Not Present times (i.e. goods / services paid and / or delivered via telephone, mail, fax or Internet including mobile App)
  • Use recurring payment

To provide consent, you can either:

  • Set up Card Usage Preference on your YippiePAY App or online portal
  • Call us
  • Download and complete Card Usage Preferences Request Form from our website and email / fax to us

Once we have updated your consent in our records, you can use the Card to:

  • Make purchases at any Visa / Mastercard accepting merchants
  • Withdraw cash from any ATMs showing Visa / Mastercard logo worldwide – limited by the funds in your Card with respective withdrawal fees
  • Also, do let us know your traveling plans in advance:

Yes, there are.

Some merchants will ‘hold’ your funds for a short time such as refundable deposit.

This withheld amount will be unavailable until the merchant release it.

Hence, do ensure that you have enough funds in your Prepaid Card before the following transactions:

  • Petrol stations
    The merchant will reserve RM 200 in your E-wallet when you pay at the pump station.

    It would take three days before the unused funds is returned to you.

    To avoid this, simply just pay the exact amount at the cashier’s counter

  • Hotels

    Do check with your hotels on how much deposit they are taking upon your check in with a payment card.

    This deposit will be put on hold and is unavailable for your usage.

    Your funds are usually released after check out.

    However, sometimes it could take a few days

  • Recurring payment

    Make sure you have enough funds before the scheduled payment date.

  • Large purchase

    If you intend to make a large purchase, do let us know beforehand by calling or emailing us to prevent any inconvenience.

  • You may have insufficient funds in your Wallet to pay

  • You may have entered the wrong OTP number or PIN Number.

When you perform a Card-Not-Present transaction and/or Overseas Transaction, there is a risk for your account data to be compromised or your information to be used for unauthorized purchases and/or cash withdrawals. Kindly keep in mind that in the case of Overseas Transactions, the card verification features for POS transactions may vary from country to country, whereby some countries/merchants may not adopt a stringent approach. Fraudulent transactions may occur if your account data is compromised.

  • Protect your Card, Card Number, PIN, and Password from misuse and fraud

  • Change your preferred PIN before using your Card
  • Ensure your PIN is not easy to guess or relatable to you such as your:
    • Birth date, month or year
    • Sequential numbers (e.g. 123456)
    • Easily identifiable number combination (e.g. 111111)
    • Identifiable personal numbers (e.g. Telephone Number, Driving License, Identity Card Number)
  • Sign on Card as soon as you receive it.
  • Do not allow anyone else to have or use your card.
  • Do not keep a written record of your PIN.
  • Do not allow another person to see your PIN when you enter it or if it is displayed.
  • Do not disclose PIN to another person.
  • Regularly check that you still have your card.
  • Immediately freeze the Card or call us when your card has been compromised.
  • Immediately change your PIN if it has become known to someone else.

No, any government-related tax is not applicable for a Prepaid Card.

  • It is a feature that allows you to tap your card on a secure contactless Card Reader.

  • This feature is enabled by Visa payWave or Mastercard Tap & Go (formerly PayPass)
  • It is only available for transactions below RM250.
  • Just tap your Prepaid Card on a Card Reader and go

  • Quicker and more convenient to make purchase
  • Do not need to sign a receipt
  • Do not need to enter Pin
  • Secure payment as the Card does not leave your hand at checkout counter

Look out for this symbol on your Prepaid Card:


Look out for this symbol on the Card Reader (or Payment Device):

Just hold your contactless Card within 4 centimeters from the Card Reader

  • In Malaysia, you can use your Contactless Card for purchase up to RM250 per transaction.

  • This RM250 limit is subject to change.

Your merchant will prompt you to use the Insert Card and Enter PIN method instead.

  • No, Contactless Cards are designed to accept only one transaction per Card, at any time

  • As a safeguard, each transaction must be either completed or voided before another transaction can be processed
  • No, contactless Card is designed to ensure that the Cardholder is always in control.

  • The retailer must first enter the purchase amount for your approval.
  • Then, you can hold the Card within 4 centimeters from the Card Reader to complete transaction.
  • Terminals can only process one payment transaction at a time
  • The contactless payment platform is designed based on secure EMV chip technology.

  • This technology provides both data protection and transaction security via keys usage and latest encryption technology
  • Contactless payment transactions are processed through the same, reliable payment network as EMV chip and magnetic strip transactions.

  • A PIN is a Personal Identification Number

  • It is secret 6-digit code you select to prove ownership of your Prepaid Cards
  • PINs for Malaysia-issued Cards consist of 6 digits
  • Tighter security as only you know your PIN to approve transactions

  • Better control as you can change your PIN anytime on your YippiePAY App or online portal
  • Protection from fraudulent transactions even if you lose your card

You can setup your 6-digit PIN for your Prepaid Cards on your YippiePAY App or online portal

  • No, you do not need to confirm these purchases with a signature

  • Hence, you do not need to use your PIN as confirmation
  • You will have 3 consecutive attempts to correctly enter the PIN

  • Upon failing all attempts, your card will be blocked
  • Call us to unblock the card

You can reset your PIN in YippiePAY app and online portal

Yes, you can change your PIN in YippiePAY app and online portal

  • You need a PIN to authorize a purchase at a point-of-sales terminal for Chip & PIN transactions

  • You need a PIN to withdraw cash at any Visa and/or Mastercard enabled ATMs worldwide
  • Your Card is embedded with an EMV Chip.

  • This chip requires you to enter your 6-digit PIN to authorize payment at point-of-sales terminal instead of signing the sales receipt.
  • This is done to prevent fraud and unauthorized usage if your Card is lost or stolen
  • This feature is mandated by Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Before 1st of July 2017, retailers in Malaysia can still complete your transaction using signature.

  • After 1st of July 2017, retailers in Malaysia can only complete your transaction by having you enter your 6-digit PIN at the POS terminal.
  • Your retailer will prompt you to process your Card without prompting for PIN

  • Hence, that is why it is important to sign the back panel of your Physical Prepaid Card
  • At the check-out counter, your retailer will cross check your signature with the signature on your Physical Prepaid Card.
  • Yes, but please note PIN requirements vary between countries.

  • For example, signature may be required instead of PIN

Yes, you can by:

  • Set Card Usage Preference at YippiePAY App or online portal
  • Call Support Help Line
  • Download Opt-in / Opt-out Request form from our website and email / fax it back to us
  • Our Card supports either with Verified by Visa (VbV) or Mastercard SecureCode services.

  • These services protect your Card usage on the Internet
  • Both services introduce a One-time Pin (OTP), which protects an online purchase by authenticating you
  • An OTP is required every time you use your Card to purchase online
  • The goal of Visa Secure or Mastercard SecureCode is to create the same trust and confidence for customers as a real-life shopping environment.
  • Always shop at a website that subscribes to these services
  • It is a numeric code that is only valid for a single transaction when you perform online payment transaction.

  • The OTP is sent to your mobile number or email registered with us
  • This OTP is mandatory to enable you to validate and complete your online purchase
  • OTP is an online authentication service when conducting Internet purchase

  • We provided this service for you as an added security feature.
  • With OTP, you can purchase at the 3D secured participating merchants’ website using your Card.
  • 3D Secure is a service facilitated by Visa or Mastercard for secure online transaction.

  • This service is available only at 3D secure merchant sites.
  • It provides a standard and secure online transaction method by authenticating all parties involved
  • All parties here include 3D Secure participating merchants, Verified by Visa (VbV) or Mastercard Secure Code, and us
  • It simplifies online shopping because you no longer need to memorise an online PIN.

  • Instead, the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number or email
  • Make sure your latest mobile phone number and email address are registered with us

  • When shopping online, enter your Card’s particulars at the merchant’s website
  • You will be automatically redirected to our authentication page
  • An OTP will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP at our authentication page.
  • Click OK to complete the authentication process

No charges will be incurred for this service.

Provide us your mobile number when signing up with us. If you do not have a mobile number registered in Malaysia, you will need to register your email address instead.

  • Request for another OTP by clicking Resend One Time Pin.

  • You can request for up to 3 times per transaction.
  • A pop-up will appear to inform you that your Prepaid Card has been blocked.

  • That means you cannot make any more online transaction.
  • Please contact us to unblock this security service.
  • You will see your registered mobile number or email on our authentication page

  • The text will appear as this: A One-Time PIN has been sent to your mobile number 6012-****-888 or [email protected]
  • If the mobile number or email is different from yours, contact our Call Centre
  • Yes, we will send an OTP to your new mobile number or email once it is successfully updated.

  • This OTP will be sent when you make your online purchase.

We would need you to:

  • Download and complete the Service Request Form in YippiePAY App and online portal
  • Email the physical copy back to us

For E-wallet closure, additionally, we would need your bank account details and supporting documents. So, we could transfer the balance funds from your E-wallet to your bank account

For Malaysia Citizen or Resident

  • We will refund your balance in your E-wallet within 30 business days from request date.
  • This balance is returned after deducting applicable fees and charges.
  • We will mail a check to your last known address in Malaysia.
  • We may also return the balance to you by other means.
  • You are still liable for all transactions on your Card prior to its termination date.
  • We may also perform a local bank transfer to your bank account with a Malaysian bank.
  • The bank account must belong to you, solely or jointly.

For Non-citizen and Non-resident

  • Our Call Centre agent will contact you to obtain your consent on the transfer fee before remitting
  • Transfer fees will be deducted from your E-wallet, subjected to your total funds available.
  • We will perform an international transfer to your home country’s bank account.
  • Please note that there are countries we are unable to remit funds as per advice by Bank Negara Malaysia.
    • If we are unable to reach you, the balance will be sent to the Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys under the provision of the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965 (Act 370)

  • You can:

    • Make request in your YippiePAY app and online Portal
    • Call our Customer Centre
    • Download Service Request Form from our website and email back to us
  • A fee will be charged for Physical Prepaid Replacement Card, which will be deducted from your E-wallet.
  • No, we will only deliver your Physical Prepaid Card to the latest registered Malaysia mailing address you provided.

  • Delivery within Malaysia is free
  • For delivery out of Malaysia:
    • Our call center will contact you to advice on the postage fees and obtain your consent
    • With your consent, postage cost will be deducted from your E-wallet

  • Use your YippiePAY App or Online Portal

    • Freeze your Card immediately
  • Call us
    • We can help freeze your Card
    • After business hours, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will guide you to freeze the card

We will notify you of your Prepaid Cards’ approaching expiry date.

Upon expiration, we will auto renew your Virtual Prepaid Card(s).

You need to reapply for a new Physical Prepaid Card using the YippiePAY app or online portal. And we will deduct the Card Renewal fees from your E-wallet.

Your new card will have the same number but different CVV2 and expiry date

Your expired Prepaid Card will not affect your balance funds. This is because your funds are kept in your E-wallet account and not your Prepaid Cards.

  • We will deliver it to your registered Malaysian mailing address.

  • Delivery is free of charge.
  • You will receive Card within 14 business days upon approval and payment of Physical card application fees

We will accumulate your outstanding Monthly Fees only but the other fees will not be accumulated. When your E-wallet is reloaded, we will immediately deduct the outstanding Monthly Fees from your E-wallet.

There are two bodies for you to make an appeal:

  • BNMLINK a complaint resolution arm of Bank Negara Malaysia.
    Call BNMTELELINK at 1-300-88-5465 (LINK)(toll free number); or
    Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat (LINK)
    Tingkat Bawah, Blok D
    Bank Negara Malaysia
    P.O. Box 10922
    50929 Kuala Lumpur
    Fax : 03-2174 1515
    Website : http://www.bnm.gov.my/bnmlink
  • Ombudsman for Financial Services (formerly known as Financial Mediation Bureau) – an independent body set up to help settle disputes between financial service providers who are its member and the public. Call Ombudsman for Financial Services at 03-2272 2811; or

    E-mail to [email protected]

    Ombudsman Financial Services

    Menara Takaful Malaysia

    No.4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman

    50000 Kuala Lumpur

    Fax : 03-2272 1577

    Website : http://www.ofs.org.my


EMAIL US AT [email protected]